About Oak Creek

Oak Creek the landscape company, was named after Oak Creek the Canyon. Not the one near Sedona AZ, but the one west of Las Vegas in Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area in the Spring Mountain Range. The canyon divides Mount Rainbow from Mount Wilson, that tops out at 7070 ft. the highest point in the RRCNCA.

Oak Creek is a place I ride my bikes, run, and explored with my family and friends for the last 24 years. Its a place that grounds me, and has seen me through life's highs and lows. It inspires me, and makes me happy.

My feelings for our company are much the same. My wife, Michelle and I started Oak Creek in 1996 with a goal of creating original outdoor environments. We have grown from one boss, (Michelle) one employee (Breck) and one truck to what we are today; one boss, (Michelle) more employees and more trucks!

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